Health & Services

Our Special Treatments

Abdominal Disorders ( Ulcers, Hyper-acidity, Amoebiasis, Dysentry, Colitis, Chronic constipation, Gastritis )

Allergic Rhinitis Anxiety Neurosis
Anaemia ( Haemoglobin level
not less than 8 gm/ 100 ml)
Arthritis Bronchial Asthma
Calcaneal Spur. Depression Diabetes Mellitus (Type-II)
Eosinophilia Gout High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
High cholesterol (Hyper cholesterolaemia) High Uric acid (Hyper uricaemia)
Hypotension Hypothyroidism Hyperthyrodism
Insomnia Irritable bowel Syndrome Menstrual Disorders
Migraine Obesity Osteo Arthritis
Refractive Errors Rheumatoid Arthritis Sleep Apnea
Spondylitis - Cervical and Lumber Sinusitis
Treatments offered
Full body Massage
Partial Massage
Salt Glow Massage
Underwater Massage
Reclining Steam Bath
Local steam
Mud bath
Ganji Turmeric Application
Hip bath
Immersion Bath
Asthma Bath
Neutral Immersion bath
Cold Circular jet
Gastro .Hepatic.pack
Kidney Pack
Full Wet sheet pack
Herbal Face Pack
Cucumber Face pack
Mustard pack
Monthly Yoga classes
Yoga Therapy for OPD
whirl pool
colon hydrotherapy (per sitting)
body fat analzer
laser theraphy
Hot Foot Immersion
Foot Reflexology
Face Pack
detox bath
Accommodati Available ( Single Occupancy Double Occupancy)
Tiled roof A/c Cottages
Concrete Roof A /c Cottages
Tiled roof A/c Cottages(4 bedded)
Extra bed for Cottages*
Non A/c Deluxe Rooms
Special Room
Extra bed for Special&Deluxe Rooms
General Ward
1.Basic Treatment & Diet charges are inclusive.
2.Third person and attendant charges are extra.
3.Attendant shall be allowed with permission of Doctor in charge.
4.Management reserves the right to revise or change the fee structure without prior notice.